Sunday, October 26, 2003

movies: Watched Glory and Diva this weekend.

Glory stars
Matthew Broderick,
Denzel Washington,
Cary Elwes and
Morgan Freeman. Matthew Broderick plays the character Robert Shaw, a young officer in the union army who is promoted to the rank of colonel and is given command of the first all black regiment. Needless to say, the regiment faces prejudice and discrimination but gets to prove their worth in the end. I give this movie 4 stars on the netflix's scale.

Diva is a French flick from 1981. I first saw this in the 80's and recently decided to watch it again. I'm happy to say that after 20 years, I still found this film quite enjoyable. It is amusing to see a young skinny Dominique Pinon in this film. Dominique Pinon is (apparently) a favorite of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, as Monsieur Pinon has played memorable roles in several of Jeunet's films:

  • the bubble wrap popping guy in Amelie.
  • Louison in Delicatessen. Hmm, I fuzzy on this character. Time to watch Delicatessen again...
  • underwater junk collector and the clones in City of Lost Children.

OK, back to Diva. Cynthia Hawkins, a renown opera singer who refuses to be recorded, is the diva. Jules, a young postman and opera aficionado, makes a high quality bootleg recording of one of the diva's performances. There is also a mysterious crime syndicate and a cassette tape, with evidence that threatens the syndicate. Unbenownst to Jules, this cassette is placed in the saddle bag of his moped. But hey, who cares about the plot? This movie is about the characters, frenchness and Parisian scenery.
I give Diva 4 out of 5 stars

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