Monday, October 20, 2003

Yesterday I had dinner at
Vasili's Greek Food and BBQ
. I also picked up some scrumptous chocolate truffles next door at
Donnelly's Chocolates.. Just ate two truffles, Mmmmm.

Exciting things I did today

  • Went to work. This is exciting -- it means that my start up company has not folded and left me unemployed (a rare thing in silicon valley these days -- not folding)
  • walked my dog.
  • listened to some of Bleak House by Charles Dickens. I got this (unabridged) audio book from
  • worked on this blog.

Still haven't figured out how to edit a blog entry after I've posted it.

News flash: I just broke the code and have done the post, edit, repost thing several times in a row now! Wow.

Came across a new article detailing a suprising method of reducing
breast cancer
. Finally scientist studying something worthwhile!

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