Monday, July 12, 2004

Saw some movies this weekend:

  • Ponette loses
    her mother in a automobile accident and then has to come to terms
    with her death. Good child acting. Apparently the widescreen version
    of Ponette is not available on DVD in the US. I occasionally
    found my self wondering about the bad camera work and then
    remembered is was pan and scan (Yuck). 4 stars

  • Dummy.
    A great performance from all the cast. A milquetoast Steven (Adrien Brody)
    decides to take up ventriloquism. 4 stars

  • Queer
    as Folk USA
    . This series can be summarized as Sex in
    the City
    for queers. The girls are renting this and Amy and I
    frequently sit in and watch it with them. explicit language and sex.
    3 stars.

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