Sunday, May 21, 2006

Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend
Originally uploaded by funkyj.
The human face is a bit washed out here because when I turn the brightness down I lose detail on the dog.

I look forward to eventually learning how to use GIMP (I haven't bought photoshop yet) so I can fix problems like this. (blending 2 copies of an image using a transparency mask -- I know the general principle but the details of how to generate the desired mask are not clear)

All processing was done with DPP


Susan said...

Are you going around naked a lot these days? Or just in off the shoulder peasant blouses?

jonathan said...

Not nekkid, just shirtless. It turns the ladies on :^) My Fabio mane, six-pack, giant biceps and rippling chest muscles drive'em crazy.

Susan said...

You do have great hair:-)